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> The spring girl came wit
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The spring girl came with a breeze and a warm breeze. She spread her arms and danced with a hand, and sprinkled the green with the earth and put the flowers on the branches. The flowers vie for beauty and exude a seductive fragrance. The birds are comfortable and sing to the blue sky: "Spring is here, spring is coming."ing rain is continuous and soft Carton Sale On Newports, it moistens the earth, strokes the earth, and gently awakens the earth. When people are unknowingly, they quietly merge into a small river. According to the ancient poem: "Spring River plumbing duck prophet." Unfortunately, I did not appreciate the ducks swimming in the water. at the spring sky, why is it colorful, dazzling? Ah, it turned out to be a kite for children. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the kites in various poses danced freely and soared, how refreshing!arth laughed. Mai Miao grows eagerly, and the whole field is a piece of green oil. The grass spit out the elegant green leaves. Peach blossom followed by apricot flowers, blooming in the valley Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, Tian Mo, blooming with a scent of nose. On the cliffs, in the air, between the trees, the yellow owls, the thrush, the darlings, the swallows, the oriole fluttered smugly, and the humming sounds of the birds and the streams swayed gently in the spring breeze.is spring so colorful? It was the colorful pencil in the hands of the spring girl who waved diligently. It was the childish children who were dressed innocently, and the earth was silently bred The little author has keenly captured such a colorful spring, and wrote his own love and praise for spring in his own language. We should always do this when writing a text, writing a childlike heart, a normal heart, and writing a real feeling. Throughout this essay, the rhetorical method of anthropomorphism is used to make the spring seem to have life and live. Our family has four mouths: father, mother, sister and me. Four people each have different temperament characteristics, but together they become a harmonious symphony, which makes our family full of joy. Do not believe, please sea man who loves to tell jokes. Whenever he has time, he tells jokes and makes the whole family laugh. No, after dinner, he started again: "In the past, there was a scholar who liked to visualize teaching. One day, he explained a sentence to the students, 'This is a corpse.' The student does not understand what he meant. The teacher lie down on the ground and does not move. After a while, he said, 'This is the corpse!'" Speaking here, Dad lay down on the ground and muttered in his mouth: "This is The corpse is also." Leading us to laugh. Mom sneered and said: "You, it is an old urchin." I saw my father standing up: "Mrs. anger, this is 'smile and laugh Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj, ten years less' also, not talking about fun, I am afraid you have long been an old woman! "Haha..." there was another laughher has one of the biggest characteristics, that is, the words are particularly exaggerated. Every day, the mother didn't light up, and the mother shouted with a scorpion: "Son, get out of bed, there are still 8 minutes in 8 minutes Marlboro Cigarettes Online From Usa." I was so nervous that I was dressed and shoes ready to go to school, and when I went out, I went out. Look, it��s less than 7 dressed up in the morning, but my father and sister pretended to be an unsuspecting look and shook her head. I really can't help her. One day, my grandmother sent a large bag of apples. I just turned around and I have lost a few. I look back at her: all the pockets are full of apples, and there is a big one in my mouth. It was so funny, I held back er of the family, that is me! Me--a tall man, a round face, a thick eyebrow with a pair of flickering eyes. My characteristic is that there are many strange ideas in my heart that make me always curious about everything Usa Gold Cigarettes For Sale Online. I used to break the alarm clock and study why the pointer can walk without stopping. I used to remove the radio and study who is hiding inside. I have cut the tail of the goldfish to see if they can swim. For these studies, my mother will inevitably hit me. Just because I am a "graduate", my father and mother didn't dare to put me alone ar, home is a happy ocean, do you also have a happy home? This small-scale author is very unique in writing, and it is worthy of learning to write a person's characteristics!
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