If your favorite NFL team is looking for a running back in the 2019 NFL draft Rodger Saffold Jersey , then FAUs Devin Singletary should have your attention. Some of the biggest difference-makers at the next level at the running back position have been drafted in the later rounds, and Singletary is going to be a steal if he lasts that long.Singletary has totaled an astonishing 67 touchdowns in just three seasons at FAU.We cant think of many NFL teams that wouldnt benefit from adding that sort of production to their backfield.Singletary recently spoke exclusively with MCM about how he developed a nose for finding the end zone, which running backs he enjoyed watching growing up, and how he earned the nickname motor at a young age.JM: How would you describe your skill set?DS: Im a versatile running back. I feel like I can do it all. I bring a little bit of everything to the table. I can catch the ball out of the backfield as well. Im a good blocker at this stage of my career. I can still get better though. I make people miss when I run the ball. I feel like I can do it all. Thats what being a versatile back means to me. I embody that.JM: How and when did you earn the nickname motor?DS: That was passed down from my father. As soon as I started playing football, I was taking guys on one-on-one. That just came naturally to me. I wanted that challenge. I was just four or five years old. People have been calling me motor ever since.JM: You scored 32 touchdowns on the ground last season, and another 22 this year as well. Thats pretty much unheard of. What is it about your game that allows you to find the end zone so often?DS: Honestly, Ive just been blessed with a nose for finding the end zone. I think thats the best way for me to put it. Ive always just had a nose for getting in the end zone. I cant really think of how else to put it.JM: Imcurious as to which running backs you admired growing up? Did you model your game after any of them in particular?DS: I wouldnt say I model my game after anyone in particular. I like to watch a variety of running backs. If I were to name a few, Id have to go with LeSean McCoy, Frank Gore, Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson. The list goes on and on though. I enjoy watching those four guys play the game. I try to take something from every single one of them and implement it into my game.JM: Can you believe Frank Gore is still going the way that he is?DS: Thats crazy to me. As a running back, thats incredibly rare. Hes incredibly rare. What hes doing is special. For how long hes been doing it for is downright special man. Ive never seen anything like him to be honest. Not at the running back position at least. I admire that. I hope I can do it one day too (laughs).JM: Many consider your head coach Lane Kiffin to be a brilliant offensive mind. What have you learned under his watch and how has your game improved since hes taken over at FAU?DS: Ive definitely learned a lot from him. Hes done extremely well when it comes to calling plays. The guy whos improved my game the most though is [running backs] coach Kevin Smith. He helped me take my game to the next level. He always makes sure Im very detail oriented about every little thing. Hes the who helped me elevate my game the most since Ive been at FAU.JM: Whats more satisfying, taking a 75-yard run to the house, or carrying the ball 6+ times on a long drive?DS: I guess it just depends on how Im feeling that day. Ill take either one of those scenarios. They both sound good to me (laughs).JM: Whos the best collegiate player youve ever gone up against?DS: Hmm I dont know that I can call anyone the best per say. The pass rusher at Old Dominion is pretty good. Oshane Ximines. He was always tough to play against. Hes a very good player on their defensive line. Playing against him has always been a lot of fun because hes a tough guy.JM: Is there an NFL defender youd like to juke or stiff arm one day?DS: I cant say that, nah (laughs). Well see when that time gets here. Im just looking forward to hopefully getting an opportunity to compete at that level.JM: You were born in Deerfield Beach Adam Humphries Jersey , Florida. What did it mean to have the opportunity to stay close to home and represent FAU?DS: It means a lot to me. Im just representing for the guys down south. We take football very seriously out here. Its been great to be apart of this program and to have accomplished everything Ive done so far here at home makes it all the more special.JM: What are some hobbies you enjoy outside of football?DS: Outside of football? I like going fishing. I play some games here and there. Other than that, Im really just chilling.JM: Where did you pick up fishing from?DS: Thats just something we always did as a family. My uncles and my older cousins used to take me out there and it was very relaxing. It just feels great to be out there. Its very peaceful.JM: Thanks a lot for your time today, Devin. What can fans expect from you going forward?DS: Im just gonna keep on working hard. Im the same guy Ive always been. Ill remain humble and Ill continue to work at my craft. Thats pretty much it.Is Delanie Walker being ruled out for the Season a Good Thing for Marcus Mariotas Development? First off, I must be clear. In no way do I feel Delanie Walker being out for the season is a good thing.Now, if youre still here after the reading the first twenty words - thank you.Walker is hands down QB Marcus Mariotas favorite and most reliable target. The chemistry the two have established has taken years. Mariota is more in sync with Walker than any other player on the roster. That is a given. The offense as a whole will miss Walkers play-making ability, offensive production and radiating intensity. His skill-set is unmatched and OC Matt LaFleur knows that he lost a crucial offensive weapon - as does the rest of the team.However, Mariota is now forced to evolve and progress as a quarterback in arguably the most uncomfortable way possible. His safety blanket is out for the season. Training WheelsThe new offensive system still has the training wheels on as Mariota and company are still trying to work out the kinks. Walker served as an additional set of training wheels. As the season progresses, Mariota will not have the luxury of finding Walker during moments where his hesitancy kicks in or play-processing stalls. Hell be forced to look elsewhere. With WR Rishard Matthews still getting up to speed with the new offense and in football shape, Mariotas second most reliable target will not be able to be his go to guy - at least not yet. LaFleur, as some expected, dialed up some WR Corey Davis plays early. Davis was targeted a lot in Miami - as a number one receiver should be. With Walker out of the picture and Matthews still behind the curve, Davis will see more targets and have more opportunities to become who the team expects him to be.Uncomfortable a Necessity Change should be uncomfortable. In Mariotas case, changing his Pro Bowl tight end to a second year player is just that. For most quarterbacks in the league, having a reliable tight end is essential to building and extending offensive drives. Having a Pro Bowl tight end is much sweeter because - on top of having the chain-mover - there is always an opportunity to score points through a play making tight end. Saying it will be hard for Mariota to adjust to life without Walker is a huge understatement. Fortunately Cameron Wake Jersey , Mariotas showed through media pressers that he believes in his guys on the roster. Constantly, Mariota expresses how grateful he is for the skill-players on the team. He displays an air of confidence will motivate his guys in a Walker-less offense.It may be painful to watch over the course of the next few weeks as Walker not easy to replace. At least, not by one player. But, replacing Walkers total production may not be out of reach. RB Dion Lewis doesnt play tight end, but he proved he can be a big time contributor on offense. Like Walker, he is a chain-mover and a play-maker. He may even be a tone-setter. The rapport Mariota develops with Lewis will be fun to watch this season.Does Evolving Mean Winning?No. Thats the simple answer. Mariota evolving as a player and absorbing/executing a new offensive system could happen with the team still losing games.The more the seasons moves forward, the more chances Mariota will have to build relationships with second year weapons. Davis, Smith and Taywan Taylor are all second year options that Mariota must use. Even Tajae Sharpe could be considered a second year option due to missing all of last season. Mariotas chemistry building will be a work in progress and learning a new offense along the way will not make matters easier. But, it could make Mariota better in the long-haul. If Mariota can move past his most recent injury (which, by most accounts, he will) his evolution starts immediately. LaFleur will continue to adjust the offense to minimize the loss of production Walker would have provided by finding ways to get production elsewhere. Mariota will be a key in helping out with that process.Matthews is probably a few weeks away from providing the offensive impact he would have if fully healthy. That will aid in the amount of trial and error moments there are for Mariota and his young set of pass catchers. The running backs will be leaned on heavily during the first half of the season and both proved to be effective. As the offense itself evolves, so will Marcus. It just may be a little painful to watch. The long-term results could outweigh the short-term success.