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> The Browns signed running back Duke Johnson to a new four-year
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contract in June that seemed to project that he’d be playing a similar role on offense to the one he filled in his first three seasons.Johnson ran the ball 259 times and caught 188 passes over that span Womens Kevin Zeitler Jersey , which works out to over nine touches a game. Over the first eight games of this season, however, Johnson never had more than six touches in a single game and averaged four fewer touches a week than he had over his first three seasons.That usage pattern changed in the team’s first game since the firing of head coach Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley. Johnson ran the ball once and caught nine passes, including two touchdowns, in the loss to the Chiefs. Interim head coach Gregg Williams said on Tuesday that he’d like to see even more in the future.“It was good to see that with Duke Youth Baker Mayfield Jersey ,” Williams said, via the team’s website. “Just like what we have talked about with other people, I think he can do more and he will. He had a good fire about him, and he will continue to improve too. We need him to improve.”Given the issues the Browns have had at receiver this year, it was surprising they gave Johnson so little use in the passing game. It does not appear that they will be continuing down that path the rest of the year. It is becoming a weekly pattern with the Cleveland Browns and the NFL.The Browns play on Sunday Youth Emmanuel Ogbah Jersey , the officials miss a blatant call that would favor the Browns, and word eventually leaks out during the week that the league office knows the call was wrong.Yet nothing ever changes.Such is the case again this week as unnamed source “familiar with the league’s thinking” said that the NFL realizes Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Jordan Whitehead’s helmet-to-helmet hit on quarterback Baker Mayfield should have been a penalty, according to ESPN’s Pat McManamon.Not only do the Browns and their fans have to deal with another blown call, but also with the absurdity of referee Shawn Hochuli’s explanation that there was no penalty because runners are “allowed to be hit in the head.”The calls keep happening and the league keeps apologizing, and Browns players have obviously grown tired of it all. Last Friday it was defensive end Myles Garrett who voiced his displeasure over the way the refs treat the Browns Youth Nick Chubb Jersey , and on Tuesday it was wide receiver Jarvis Landry’s turn to speak up for his teammates, according to Mary Kay Cabot at cleveland.com:Head coach Hue Jackson would seem to be a in position to strongly advocate for the safety of his players and for more equitable treatment from the referees, but continues to take a passive approach to the situation, as he explained on Monday when asked about the Mayfield hit, according to clevelandbrowns.com:It may come off as whining Youth David Njoku Jersey , especially coming from a team that is 2-4-1 on the season and just 3-35-1 since the start of the 2016 season, but that doesn’t make Landry’s comments any less true, or Jackson’s lack of fire any more palatable.Given the way this season has gone, it also means that the Browns should not expect anything different from the officials or league office the rest of the way.
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